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Willow Lake South Dakota
South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at its Finest!

"Terry Schmidt"
I have a really good group of hunters who happen to be mostly ex military pilots, some of whom are still flying commercially. They've got a group that covers pretty much the entire continental United States geographically.  They put together an itinerary for their group that is both entertaining and informative.
They've managed to describe the experience we hope to offer more accurately than I have been able to do myself.


Scot and Van gave me permission to use a portion of their 'hunt' itinerary to help me describe it to you.


Scot & Van


"Family Friends & Pheasants"


"Background: Those of you that enjoyed our hunt last year, welcome back, you know how we landed at Letha's. For those who haven't joined us before, here's how we got here… For years, Scot and Van have been searching various states (SD,ND,NE,KS,IA & CO) for an upland bird opportunity that would suit us best. This search has involved countless hours of making phone calls, sending emails, searching the Internet, attending sportsman shows, and talking with every hunter and local we've run across. Our goal was to find a place that we could call home for the foreseeable future and start a tradition that we could carry on for years. Part of the learning process was for us to go out and hunt with different outfitters in various states. This helped us determine what we liked and wanted on our trip and what we could do without.  We wanted a place that was close to the hunting (not a long drive each morning), comfortable (neither luxurious or crowded), affordable (not too expensive or overly rustic), fun and challenging (plenty of wild pheasant that we had to go out and find.) Being led by the nose to pen-raised birds that a guide has put out isn't worth traveling all the way to SD for (we can do that at home) and neither are public lands that have been shot-up by the time we arrive. We realize (and hope you do too) that no place is a "utopia" but we didn't want to settle for less than the best fit we could find. After all of our efforts, Letha's sits at the top of the list for us. The work we've done has been a labor of love and we hope you thoroughly enjoy our hunt together (the camaraderie, the birds, the dogs, the shots, the challenge… all of it!) That being said, for you repeat offenders "Welcome back," we hope you enjoyed last year as much as we did. For the newcomers, you've been invited to help build on our tradition of good friends family and (hopefully) pheasant, "Welcome to you too!"

Habitat:  Over 6000 privately owned acres that includes fields, draws, sloughs and ponds. The cover consists of CRP, food plots, tree screens, shelter belts, cattails, and various crops (corn, milo etc.) In short, its pheasant heaven and the birds are all wild."


Thank you Scot & Van along with everyone else in the group. - Terry & Brenda Schmidt